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Over at the Hylander Diner (OPEN 24/7 — Serving Indie Writers ), I write about my next project, a linked group of short stories that go where no writer has gone before. I mean this.  Never in history of literature has anyone written Chautauqua science fiction.

Imagine a utopian summer community very much like the real Chautauqua Institution in New York. It was destroyed, rose again under a new name, rose AGAIN under another new name, and in 2199 is a rather interesting place.

Watch for these stories early in 2015.

Read my guest post at the Hylander Diner

Blood Psychics

The new kid on the block is Blood Psychics. This ebook is like an old 45 single. It  has an A side, Blood Psychics, and a B side, Joan Holland. You will see no reference to Joan Holland on the cover, but it is there.

Blood Psychics  is about the troubled relationship between a mother and daughter, both of whom are clairvoyant.

Joan Holland  is about a pregnant, terrified young woman whose husband, a man of relentless goodness, has welcomed enemies of the state into their home.

Amazon US

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Warning: Something Else Is Happening

The title Warning: Something Else Is Happening came from my niece Brynn’s linear algebra instructor at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. He said it, Brynn wrote it down, and I stole it. Obviously, someone had to write a book to go with such a great title.

Amazon US

Amazon UK

A slightly bemused angel

“Lindsay Edmunds writes like a slightly bemused angel, a recording angel at the intersection of Earthworld and Networld. Her prose is lyrical and flowing and wry. She is a visionary of small miracles and ruined landscapes, and can undoubtedly see the world in a grain of sand. Networld is the space sprung from Earthworld technology where e-beasts with wondrous names roam – once mere code, now animated and intelligent and vengeful. It is a marvelous creation, and only Lindsay Edmunds could have invented it. She is a true original.
And what can I say about her use of language? Strange and familiar, bubbling with metaphor, always exactly right.”

—Rosamoline, at Amazon

The story

Often the Singularity is imagined in apocalyptic terms: the end of one world and the beginning of another, like earth and heaven. I imagined it another way. I saw a new order of beings called e-beasts. The Internet is their natural environment, like water is to fish.

They can do anything on the Internet (aka, Networld) because limits do not apply to them.  They look down on people generally, but not all of them are set on world domination.

Some, called Sparks, are barely aware they are alive at all. Some, like Beltzhoover the Vast, are corrupt rulers of vast empires. The Stovepipes live to party. The Dreadful Night loathe people and torment them for fun.

Cel, an intelligent and idealistic e-beast, sets out on a quest to restore good order to Networld. The people adapt, adapt, adapt to deteriorating conditions. Then something happens that neither Cel nor the people see coming.

The Blog Scratchers Union

Thanks to author of thrillers and interesting Scotsman Seumus Gallacher, whose idea I am stealing,  here is a list of blogs I’ve been part of over the last few weeks:

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