Quote of the week: Shirley Jackson

Someone—I forget who—once referred to the easier sections of his work as “benches for the reader to sit down upon,” meaning, of course, that the poor reader who had struggled through the complex maze of ideas for several pages could rest gratefully at last on a simple clear paragraph. Provide your reader with such assistance.

—Shirley Jackson, “Notes for a Young Writer”

5 comments on “Quote of the week: Shirley Jackson

  1. Susan Dormady Eisenberg says:

    GREAT advice. I long to follow it.

  2. Jill says:

    It makes the manuscript easier on your editor as well. 8-J

    • Jackson’s advice is excellent, and I’ve never come across it in anywhere else. Readers need rest. If writer does not provide it, they will take it anyway by skimming, skipping, or stopping.

  3. Perfect advice!!

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