About Writer’s Rest

“What’s your purpose?” a friend asked when I said I was thinking of starting a blog. It is the right question.

The original purpose  of Writer’s Rest is simple. It was the old original purpose of writing—to share thoughts and feelings about day-to-day life.—not one minute of which is ordinary. That still is the purpose. It  is the happiest writing I do.

I always was a writer. Finally I did something about it. This could be called late blooming or less flatteringly, “starting out in the evening.” I wrote a science fiction novel about love in the age of artificial intelligence called Cel & Anna. It now has a literary sibling, a dystopian fairy tale called Warning: Something Else Is Happening.

Writing the first one was hard and it took forever. Cel & Anna started as a NaNoWriMo entry. Of that raw, ragged 50,000-word first draft, 117 words survived. As I revised the novel, I recovered my abandoned writing self. Warning came faster. The next one will come faster yet.

It is amazing to meet a lost part of oneself and find it whole, intact, and willing to be used. This is a gift I want to share.

— Lindsay Edmunds

17 comments on “About Writer’s Rest

  1. Susan Eisenberg says:


    I love your first blog post and look forward to many more. Your observations about life are fresh and always thoughtful; your blog will make an excellent addition to the blogosphere! (I was there when CEL & ANNA began, and it’s a marvelous novel. Can’t wait to see it between covers.)

    Break a leg,
    Susan Dormady Eisenberg

  2. Jill says:

    Congratulations on having an agent for Cel and Anna! I’m so happy for you. Welcome to the blogosphere.

    I’m currently editing a 400-page novel. Publication Services has given me free rein to fix everything without tugging my forelock and begging the author, and I’m loving it. My self-esteem is coming back, even.

    I’m sure you all have already seen STET Syndrome, a disease peculiar to writers, at http://tinyurl.com/yj2ya2d but I thought I’d share anyway.

    Love to all of you writers who make it possible for me to make a living,

    The Book Doctor

    I just made that up. I’m sure somebody else is already using it, though.

    • Lindsay Edmunds says:

      It is a beautiful October Saturday. I just discovered the Ruthfred Shopping Center one township over — built in 1947, it is the most practical shopping center I’ve ever encountered: doctor, lawyers,seamstress (really), drug store, bank, deli, hardware store, auto repair place, and last but hardly least, the Ruthfred Food Market. Across street: gas station, beauty salon, and Ruthfred Lutheran Church. All this is in the middle of (needless to say) Ruthfred Acres.

      Am glad your self-esteem is being restored; it never should have been in doubt.

  3. Bonnie says:

    Hello Lindsay. I found your blog through Cate’s, Beyone The Fields We Know – she’s not only a great photographer, but writer as well.

    Your blog is so lovely. I can relate to “About Writer’s Rest.” I, too, have many memoirs/essays all ready to be published, but are gathering dust instead. They become our babies, and it’s difficult to let them go. There’s also the “fears” of what others think. One day, hopefully, I’ll venture past blogging publicly and publish a few books.

    I have added you to my “followers,” and plan to visit you often. I love your style lady – you’re a great writer; very interesing pieces. Please visit me in your spare time – I would love some feedback. I’ve deleted the one I maintained for years, so this is my new baby. Hope you’ll enjoy it.

    • Lindsay Edmunds says:

      Isn’t Cate’s blog beautiful? I visit it every day and always am glad I did. I read the posts and look at the photos, and feel a sense of rest and calm coming over me. I am glad you stopped by Writers Rest. Thank you for the kind words and visit again!

  4. Bonnie says:

    Love to subscribe to your site as well.

  5. nancyella says:

    Hello, Lindsay,
    Through the magic of internet searches, it is possible to catch up with long-lost friends and learn that they have written novels! I’m looking forward to reading Cel & Anna and becoming reacquainted in the blogosphere.

    • The blogosphere enables amazing things. Long time no see!

      • nancyella says:

        I loved Cel & Anna! Congratulations! Do you have a film contract yet? Sometime when we are on the same part of the planet, I want to get my copy autographed. (Yes, I am the old-fashioned sort, and I prefer my books in paper form.) I can’t wait to see what’s next.

      • Music to my ears! I like print books myself. They seem more restful somehow, though I am happy to own a Nook for reading some things. If you want to leave a review at Amazon — not a treatise, just a line or two — this would be very nice.


  6. Lindsay, drop by my blog. I gave you an award!



  7. Gloria says:

    Have been enjoying “getting to know you” via FB, your insightful comments, and your supportive posts on Home Projectionist. Look forward to more connections!

  8. Gloria says:

    Thanks so much for your feedback, comments, and support. It’s been fun “getting to know you” on FB, and I look forward to more connections!

  9. Darlene says:

    Thanks for following my blog Lindsay!

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