Warning: Something Else Is Happening

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The title

The title came from my niece Brynn’s linear algebra instructor at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. He said it, Brynn wrote it down, and I stole it. Obviously, someone had to write a book to go with such a great title.

The story

WARNING is  a fairy tale for the machine age, with e-beasts. It has metaphysical aspects but is not a slog.

The plot peeled down to its absolute core: Cel, an intelligent and idealistic e-beast, sets out on a quest to restore good order to Networld. Something else happens instead.

Wow, Prescient

The items below are in an April 21, 2014, article titled Scientists Warn the Rise of AI Will Lead to Extinction of Humankind.

All of them happen in WARNING: SOMETHING ELSE IS HAPPENING, although the second item is on a grander scale.

To fully understand why this is the case, consider the capabilities of self-aware AI systems:

• They could break any security system of any government, nuclear facility or military base anywhere in on the planet.

• They could guide tiny assassination drones to identify targets and destroy them with injections or small explosives. Any person in the world — including national leaders, members of Congress, activists, journalists, etc. — could be effortlessly killed with almost zero chance of failure.

• They could overtake, monitor and control the entire internet and all global information systems, including phone calls, IP traffic, secure military communications, etc.

The Blog Scratchers Union

Thanks to author of thrillers and interesting Scotsman Seumus Gallacher, whose idea I am stealing,  here is a list of blogs I’ve been part of over the last few weeks:

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