Thanks, Ellen

On December 6, 2011, Ellen DeGeneres spotlighted an unusual product on her show Ellen:

This one:

I wrote about this very same Fish School at Writer’s Rest way back in November 2009. It was a rather short post titled The Fish Agility Training Set and also included a mention of another Christmas gift: an authentic 1:48 scale roller coaster with 464 pieces.

On December 7, 2011, that little post about the Fish School began getting a lot of hits. A LOT OF HITS.

I emailed Dr. Dean Pomerleau, Founder and Chief Fish Trainer, Fish School, Inc, to let him know about this. I was mystified. He was not. He told me about the Ellen show.

Ahh, I thought. Now I am famous.

I love the way that worked. Ellen mentioned the Fish School on her show and my obscure blog in southwestern Pennsylvania suddenly lit up like a Christmas tree—all because I was  two years ahead of the curve on the latest thing in fish agility and training. 

Many smiling thanks

To Ellen DeGeneres, to Dean Pomerleau, and to the fans of the Fish School.