The Artist’s Way Week 7: Do fury honor

This is my fourth blog about The Artist’s Way course. The first three are Everything Is Connected, Fasten Your Seat Belts. and Reading Deprivation.

And it is a great moment in my blogging history because I finally have the chance to use the phrase “Do fury honor.”  I read it in a book about the Marx brothers by Joe Adamson. For a long time I have waited to steal it. I don’t know where he stole it.

Thanks, Joe, wherever you are.

Anyway . . .

… Looks like a storm’s a brewing

(Another stolen line, this time from the movie NASHVILLE.)

I mean this in the best possible sense. The “fury” I am talking about is not anger. It is energy, like the energy of a storm.

What happened over the weekend was that one of the track lights in my office burned out, so I dutifully did what I always do: bought a $20 replacement light at Home Depot. As I snapped it into place, I looked up at the track lights and thought clearly:

“I never liked track lighting.”

Then (it was a great weekend for stolen lines), I thought of a line from SLINGS & ARROWS, the fabulous Canadian miniseries about a dysfunctional classical theater troupe: “I hate it all.”

That comment has a lot of context in SLINGS, but basically a director decides the day before a show goes live to change everything about his production, including the set design. He’s been heading in the wrong direction and suddenly realizes it. The actors, who all realized it from day one, cheer.

[The immediate meaning for me: the clutter in the place, the neglect, the stuff on the floor that should not be on the floor. And especially the track lighting.]

By the time I stopped cleaning on Sunday, I had aggravated an old wrist injury and felt peaceful. A feeling not troubled by the fact that I have MUCH MUCH more to do. I have already made one Goodwill run. There will be more. I threw things out while humming “Everything old is new again” from ALL THAT JAZZ.

Every closet, every drawer, every room needs an overhaul. At that point, there will be room for the new.

I cannot credit The Artist’s Way 100% for this. Good friends just redid the second floor of their house, and I’ve been hearing about how beautiful it looks. Also, I was contemplating my “home theater,” which consists of a 12-year-old Toshiba tube TV, a 16-year-old Sony dual-deck DVD/VCR, and a fairly new Z-Vox sound box (like a sound bar) that would surely do a better job of enhancing the sound if I could use digital rather than analog connections to the TV.

Makeover time.