The Artist’s Way Week 6: Everything is connected

This is third blog about The Artist’s Way course. The first two are Fasten Your Seat Belts and Reading Deprivation.

In 2012, for some reason I blogged about CLOUD ATLAS at Home Projectionist. I say “for some reason” because this is a movie that flummoxed the great film critic Roger Ebert, so who was I to take it on? Yet I liked it and did not find it hard to understand. The tag line is “everything is connected.”

There are two entwined themes in week 6 of The Artist’s Way course: money and luxury.  I rejected the task of writing down everything I spend in a week, because it would tell me nothing I don’t know. But thinking about money is a good way to bring home the truth that everything is connected. How I spend or don’t spend money is directly connected to who I am—my experiences, values, moods. (So is how I earn it.)

The same with luxury. A local luxury is shopping for groceries at Trader Joes. As of last year, I began indulging the major luxury of travel. Major in terms of time, money, and emotion. I know it is a good thing to do because (1) I resist it so hard and (2) after I come home, I am so happy. This is me.

To say that everything is connected sounds like stating the obvious, but it is not. What we take for granted looks entirely different when we really look at it.

For example, a daily gratitude in winter is a good furnace, and if you consider this to be a small thing, contemplate life in winter without it. Break that thread and other things unravel.

There are no such things as insignificant or meaningless acts (I think that is the point of writing down everything you spend in a week). And when you really think about that  . . .

What experiences give you the “everything is connected” feeling?

What about synchronicity—meaningful coincidences?