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hey everybody jason Creole Associate in Nursingd you arewatching a lawn care life if you followme on YouTube we all know we tend to captive into thishouse not too long ago and today we have a tendency to'reredoing the landscaping on the frontyard this will be something i've been needingto do and that we're hoping to paint thebrick on the house paint it white and that ithink with this recent new landscapingit's extremely gonna stand out create a bigdifference on the curb charm thus let Maineshow you the project we're gonna gothrough this factor and show you the way i amlaying out my landscape design thenwe'll plant the plants then finishit off probably with thusme mulch so let'sget started one factor you'll find outwhen you do landscaping is plants areexpensive so what i favor to try to to isespecially if you are on a budget you youtry to find things once they go on saleor find plants that you simply will work with Iknow this does not look like animpressive assortment plant especiallysince some unrelated on the ground but Ifeel pretty sensible about the plants thatI've gotten and therefore the value that gottenthem for now here's one thing thathappened great the different day I went intoone of the big-box stores and it'sspring time and we had a touch latefrost hit United States I say late it absolutely was in Marchbut that they had all the knockout roses inthe store and appearance what they did Lowe'ssides if you'll be able to see that tag howeveras i am there he marks him down to 3dollars each and if you inspect thatrose there is very nothing wrong withhe got the leaves got a bit brownfrom the frost however they brought him outthere for 3 greenbacks I knew theywouldn't last and then I bought 18 of thembecause I required to replenish a decentsized area here and then ideally you knowwhen you're on a budgetI would not essentially place 18 roses inhere however i suppose an outsized grouping ofpink roses with it once that house iswhite it's getting to really look good andI may not use all eighteen of them inthe style we'll see but I do wish tohave a large grouping of roses to extremelygive it heaps of color and one thing Idid once I was simply talking about mylandscape style I did a YouTube videoand got some really nice feedback andsome of the comments from people thathave more expertise doing landscapedesign and that they gave me some great tipsone of the ideas given by a guy namedScott he was talking aboutmake positive you perceive and this can be acommon mistake people build butunderstand the mature size of yourplants frequently individuals plant them tooclose along and then once they growto maturity it's way overcrowded samething as far as swing it aloof from thehouse you do not wish your plants tooclose to the houseso I'm okay if these roses grow togethera bit and kind of a build a realbunch of color I still don't need themoverly crowded and that i can prune theseback and doubtless will at least once ayear couple other things before I setthe plants in place you'll see mydesign here what I've done is taken ahose a versatile hose and sort ofarranged it in my design I didn't wantjust a straight across perfectlystraight lines I wished it quite flowand be rounded and to return resolute apoint and I thought of putt a treeout here perhaps a Japanese maple crapemyrtle something like that over upgoing with simply a an arbor vitae Ireally want to do one thing differentbut over up just going with thisbecause i mayn't consider anythingbetter for that worth this was a threegallon when I got the simplest three gallonwhen I could find it was twenty bucks soI think that'll be a great featuredplant right here in a year or two it'sgoing to be continuing to grow gettaller and be a nice corner piece in

landscaping cloth down or not overallthis was a extremely cheap design Imean simply on those roses was probably$50 as a result of I got them for three dollarsa piecethe ar offer it was twenty dollarsthose lure pendulums if you go buy thoseat full price like a three gallon onesprobably like sixteen bucks orsomethingfountain grasses were six dollars for each one i believe six dollars for therosemary and there is another fountaingrass therefore you recognize this was a maybe a twohundred dollar style and that doesn'tcount mulch and if you are doing a borderthat's gonna price thereforeme more cash i amstill making an attempt to figure out if i'm gonnado a border or not or simply once I getthe grass nice and thick I will maintainit with a string trimmer alright thus Ineed to place thusme mulch and obtain thisthing finished off and i'll show you thefinished result let Maine stand back giveyou a distant read there is a read fromthe distance once more i think it will look alot higher on the brick this is just anoutdated color on the brick therefore if wepaint the brick i think it's getting tolook loads higher so it is a couple daysafter setting the plants and we had agood rain in order that was helpfulstill hadn't place anything right here howevertoday i'm gonna i am gonna get thereforeme mulchand put within the bed so you can see hereat this landscape cloth I've got mixedopinions on I mean it does facilitate to somedegree I didn't cut it in to suit inbetween all the plants I just place astrip across the rear here wherever it wasopen and it's going to help keep the weeds out Ijust if you ever need to travel back andplant one thing it makes it difficultand so anyway that's simply what I did youcan use the material if you wish to I putit around the side too if you can seehere what I did i am simply gonna place itthere and probably place a rollthere he's right ahead of that fabricand then golf stroke mulch in there so Ihadn't planted those yet but you can seeit you recognize got the plant set and we gotthem watered in currently i am going to put themulch in here and then i am going to show youwhat it's like when i am finished i'mstill on the facet on the border what i'mgonna do therewith nevertheless so I'm basicallyfinished with the landscaping job i wantto show you the finished product allI've done these days was put down thelandscaping fabric on the rear of thebeds and that wind got the mulch and putto install the mulch i used to be just mistreatment afive gallon bucket setup and a metalright to try and do that with then took ablower and sort of cleansed it up andanyway I'm happy with however it turned outit's got a you recognize you gotta have alittle vision I want to see this stuffwhen it's mature several months or maybeeven next year but i believe it'll look alot better later this year and once Iput some some color accents in theresome alternative flowers and things to kind ofset off and so also once the grassstarts filling in and turning inexperienced Ithink it's going to look a great deal differentbut I'm really happy with however it turnedout overall and positively much betterthan the overgrown azaleas that werethere that we had to dig out with a miniexcavator so alright let's investigate thealmost finished project let me standback get you a distance view here youcan see you know here on the little seeover there by the paseo before ofthe porch there is a small section Istill ought to get some plants inthere then the primary space overhere so we'll get a more in-depth lookand provide you with an additional shot at kind ofthe plants I selected like said this can be I'mnot

a landscape designer I just observewhat other people do and get advice andyou know I may have to make some changesthis perhaps I use too many roses Idon't know it'll be nice and colorfulwhen they're blooming but I kind of amhappy and I can envision that arborvitae there in the middle being a lotbigger so so we've got the roses withthe arbor vitae on this side here Istill you know gonna I just put themulch there got to get these Elias toput on that sidegot the Lord peddling there in front ofthe hoes another one over here outside Idecided to get a big rock this was onewe had on the property about the biggestone I could pick up got these yellowbushes the sunshine ligustrum is whatthose are called those who get aboutthree or four foot tall these mountaingrasses get about three foot tall and acouple more rows oh here I'll probablyput something a little taller back therewhere that birdbath is I just sort ofput that there for the time being thoselure Pelham's will get much fuller andnicer they be struggling at the momentbecause they've been in the pot too longand then over here got a little statueboy I don't know fish today they're nota rosemary plant and another fountaingrass and I might go with some of thosesunshine ligustrum in here I just hadn'tdecided yet maybe some seasonal flowersright herethe other roses I had I moved over hereclose to where the creek is so you cansee I had a couple of double knockoutroses I put those on the end and thenthe other roses that are knockout rosesI don't know if you call them singleknockout rose I take just regularknockout roses I put here and I've got alittle Japanese maple plant is juststarting to and it's gonna take a whilekind of skinny and young right now it'sjust putting out leaves and this yearbut you know I think in a few years thattrees gonna get bigger and nicer andthese roses could be pretty and if weget this cleared off here and sort ofoverlooked in the creek that is rightbehind this cleared out could look nicethat wraps up this front yard landscapemakeover video thanks for watching I'mJason creel done done so glad subscribeto channel I love to hear from you inthe comments talk to you later bye

the Pennisetum ruppeliithose are aiming to get 3 or fourfoot tall i actually like those thenI've got some Lord Pelham's you recognizethey do not look too great right currentlythese need some water need to get in theground and so some a lot of roses overhere and i'll probably accent it withsome colorise the front maybe someLantana one thing like that in all probability placethat pot those 2 flower pots up on thefront construction currently on this side you knowagain here we have a tendency to might put some seasonalflowers during this corner or even somesome poisonous plant one thing like that I'vegot lavender right here got one or two ofsunshine genus Ligustrum and a Pennisetum setaceumthat's gonna soften that edge a littlebit a minimum of that's my my theory so thisis my original design i am gonna getready to place these within the ground I maychange some stuff around when you see iton for the finished product but thissort of what i am going for straight away letme offer you a far off viewall appearance small right now however it's goingto develop and be a great deal bigger and Ithink once it gets to mature size evenin a year roughly it's planning to looksignificantly completely different and heaps betterand the mulch you know place finishing offwith some dark mulch it's gonna reallymake a distinction let's get starteddigging moles golf shot these in theground okay i want to give you anupdate on the landscaping been diggingsome holes and swing the plants in theground you see the look has modified alittle bit however i'm overall fairly happywith i am still aiming to get someazalea's in all probability down that aspect overhere but you see I've used a bunch ofknockout roses not as several as that we'rein the original design with the coniferous tree there on the corner come over hereI move these sunshine ligustrum to thisspot and i have got the Laura ped lumpsspaced out as you see them on the backrow place the massive rock in the middle withthe fountain grass encompassing it forclumps of fountain grass with a lurepedal em on all sides the purple onesall that stuff's aiming to develop a lottaller and healthier looking and thenthat birdbath is simply there for timebeing i would search for some kind oftaller plant to go back there and then acouple more knockout roses over here onthis likely to move those thatpot however I put the rosemary plant in theground here and an extra of the fountaingrass up here i'm gonna get most likely acouple little shrubs to go up front maybeI do not know maybe a lot of some additional ofthose ligustrum stew the other ones I'lljust look and see however just need a couplesmall things there i suppose I might usethat for seasonal flowers however i would ratherjust have one thing more permanentprobably gonna put a splash but othernow think once it grows up and becomesmore mature it's about to look nice I'vegot to complete this off with some mulchI'm attempting to prevent them and put some

this landscape most likely encircled bythe knockout roses over on this aspectit's about to continue on this will be thenorth aspect of the house you can seewhere there is moss growing not muchgrass i'm gonna most likely place someazalea's over here simply to grant itsomethingI've got a fuel or pedal UM's i'm gonnawork in i favor those i favor simply havingsomething totally different besides green andflowery even those these do have thereforemesome bright pink flowers these have that the purple leaves extremely facilitate set offthe landscape and that i bought many ofthese this is often simply fountain grass nowyou could also be picturing some of the pampasgrass that gets large this is a fountaingrass and it does not get nearly as big Ithink it's like three or four foot tall and threeor 4 foot wide what i prefer about havinggrasses in the landscape is even within thewintertime once they go dormant theystill have the shape and you know justgive it some thusme texture and a few givesome structure to your landscape so Ireally want to include some of thegrasses the opposite plants we're workingwith the day I bought a rosemary plantthen i'm gonna probably place over hereyou see I've got this one other littlesmall section in the landscape that i'mwanting to redo and i there is anothergrass i believe I bought 5 of thosefountain grasses and then I bought acouple of the sunshine ligustrum andthese ar 10 usd for each one for a littlesmall one the concept here is yourlandscaping on a budget you'll have tobuy a 1 gallon instead of a 3 gallon ifyou're on a budget but you'll fertilizein overtime they will grow to the maturesize it's going to take you a little bit longerto get there once i'm through with thelandscape i want to depart in all probability aplace around the corner of the househere where I can accent it with someseasonal flowers and i might have to clearthat space off place some seasonal flowersclear that off and so i would alsoincorporate perhaps some land tan orsomething like that to offer it somecolor in the front of the bed if you'rea professional landscapist you'll lookat this and say Ohio he is doing it allwrong we tend toll i would love to have yourfeedback was I arranged these plants letme hear from you in the comments at theend if you think that the plants arearranged wrong or there's some ideas youcould give ME then that will be greatbut this is often meant to be style of ado-it-yourself project so i don't have amini skid steer something like that I'musing a rake and a shovel so you know ifthe dirts not dead level everythingnot trying just pristine that may bewine but I feel smart regarding it and Ithink once i purchase those plants in theground and finish it off with some mulchI extremely think it's gonna look great Iwill say before we started this project there have been some mammoth azalea's lie so big that we were unable to pullthem out with a truck in an exceedingly chain wind toget a mini excavator to really digthem out so and they were planted waytoo getting ready to the house so i want to makesure not to plant the shrubs too closethe house let's start with theproject got the plants in situ and kindof showing you a more distant read herethis side and this aspect i may end upmoving some stuff around however this issort of my initial design and y'all canlet me hear from you the comments nowit's rose heavy as a result of I got 18 roses Ididn't actually use all of them and I'mtrying to review you recognize if this fashion Iwant to go with or not but you see I'vegot the arbor vitae I actually mamma ahole for it so sitting down a littlelower however got an image that thingprobably going to get as tall as thehouse and with a house being whitepainted the brick white new shutters andthen with all these roses blooming andthen this kind of what I'm thinking ofbut i may regulate these roses not usedquite as many and perhaps incorporatesomething else here on this left side asopposed to those last three roses soI've got the arbor vitae enclosed bythe roses then got

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